Friday, October 2, 2009

Vacation, vacation, what did vacation teach me?

Even though I didn't really go anywhere away from my house, this summer I slowed things down with Etsy and took more care of myself and my family. This is the only luxury Etsy offers, and I decided to take advantage of it. I am now back with recharged batteries and a new understanding of how business goes when you're not working.

I dind't post in the forums or on Twitter regularly. I didn't renew regularly, nor developed new items. I didn't make new listings, nor did I work endless hours on my photos. As a result, I did not make any sales, did not get any hearts, did not receive any convos. It was like Pretty Hair Clippies fell off the face of the planet. All the work I have put into marketing my products, all the energy I put into promoting Pretty Hair Clippies, all the business cards and coupons I handed out, all the new customers and friends I have made - they were forever gone the moment I decided to go on vacation.

I think I am recharged now, and ready to start working on Pretty Hair Clippies again. I have loads of ideas and a strong desire to make everything that my imagination comes up with. If you check out my shop you will see many new items that I posted recently and a totally new style for my photos. I just wish marketing had an impact in the long term, as well as the moment, and I dind't have to start everything from zero.


  1. It is kind of a hard reality when you're working for yourself, that if you're not promoting your shop, no one will know you exist. And yes, if only marketing worked long term. lol Welcome back!

  2. Thank you, Niki. If I could find a way to make marketing work long term, I would be RICH.... Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha. :)